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The first answer is "estoy de acuerdo," which means "I agree." You can find this answer by the preposition right after the fill-in-the-blank line, "con." Since "estoy de acuerdo" needs "con" after it, you can deduce that this is the correct answer. The sentence says: Dear sir, I agree with you about the issue of driving licenses. The second answer is "me parece," which means "It appears to me." Although "me parece" may seem like it should take subjunctive because it's subjective, "me parece" always takes indicative, which is why the verb following "que" is "comprenden," not "comprendan." The sentence says: It appears to me that everyone understands the importance of undocumented workers for the country's economy. The third answer is "me moles-ta" (Brainly won't let me write it as one word) which means "it annoys me." Since this person thinks that everyone understands the significance of undocumented workers, we can infer that this person also doesn't understand why such significant people would be denied access to driver's licenses. The sentence reads: It annoys me that undocumented immigrants can't have driver's licenses.

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